What’s Oren’s Forge about?
It’s about a world filled with carnivores and their prey. With lower population densities, the hunters are constantly on the edge of starvation, and the prey is always on the lookout for oncoming death. It’s not a very rewarding existence to live in constant fear and hunger.

However, a story starts to spread through the forests and field about someone named Oren, who has made a sanctuary for the “prey” animals. Here, they don’t need to spend every breath wondering if it’s the last. They say that Oren tamed the very sun to keep his people safe from hunters.

That’s all well and good for the rabbits and squirrels of the world. However, Rask and Quanaq are pine martens—they eat flesh, but they are small enough to be considered a meal for the wolves, bears and gluttons. Their lives are also spent in the shadow of fear, but also they want more than that.

They’ve begun their journey to the lake where it’s said the sanctuary lay, but whether they will find welcome or ruin waits to be seen…

Is Oren’s Forge appropriate for all ages?
I’d give it a PG13 for some gore/violence (largely due to the fact that animals need to kill and eat one another to survive.)

Have you considered a Patreon?
Yeah, I have, since keeping up the pace of the comic is tough without any compensation, but here’s why I probably won’t anytime soon — I want to keep Oren’s Forge available for anyone to read online so putting it behind a paywall isn’t an option. My usual work schedule for post-able art tends to be sporadic based on other projects, life, and the occasional whim to leave town. As such, it’s tough for me to feel confident that I’d be providing enough material month to month to warrant folks tossing money my way.

If not Patreon, how can I support you/the comic?
Right now, the best possible thing is to share the comic with friends! And maybe buy a printed version someday! 🙂


“What kind of animal is Rask and Quanaq?”
They are pine martens.

“Why not eat the birds?”
I’m actually surprised no ones brought up “why don’t they eat fish?” more often, but I have to say, martens aren’t hunting bison, so, they are obviously eating smaller game. They just happen to also get eaten by the apex predators.

In the anthropomorphic worlds I like to build, a wolf is still a wolf, otherwise I guess I’d just write about humans. In the stories I write, I like the idea of applying animal nature to allegory.

Wolves, wolverines, bears, cougars, etc, are all wholly separate species from their prey, much like a human is to a pig, or a whale, or an elk. It’s safe to assume that in the world of Oren’s Forge, a wolf doesn’t take the time to talk to her food. Maybe she doesn’t even speak the same language.

Back to birds— corvids (ravens, crows, jays, etc) are very intelligent. They’re also avian, which is to say, not a mammal. In this world, avians stayed the course and stuck to their wings, though that didn’t stop some of them from working in conjunction with other animals for mutual benefit. Such as the wolves and ravens in the Oren’s Forge, which is similar to the natural behavior of corvids and wolves.

I imagine given the chance, a wolf of this world would gladly eat a pigeon, but probably not the bird that leads him to a nearly incapacitated bison.

(I should note that there is nothing so far suggesting that in the world of Oren’s Forge, ravens don’t have the capacity to communicate!)

What size are the animals in comparison to each other?
I’ve been asked this a lot more than I thought I ever would be– I’ll try to get proper a size chart together this summer!



When/where will Oren’s Forge be posted?
The second half will begin posting end of June, 2017, on Mondays.
You can read it right here, or:
Tapastic | FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr

What TIME will you post Oren’s Forge?
It’ll hit Tapastic at 4PM MST, and every where else sometime in the afternoon/early evenings MST.

Will the whole comic be posted online?
I’m honestly not sure yet— the plan right now is for the first half (around 50-60) to get posted online.

Will there be a printed version?
YES! Actually, there already is. Oren’s Forge made it’s official French release on March 29th, under the title La Forge d’Oren (Première partie : La Proie)! Here’s a link to a specific post with information about it.



What do you make Oren’s Forge with?
A lot of coffee, Photoshop CS6, a Cintiq and a handful of my favorite curse words.

How long does each page take?
It really depends on the page itself, mostly on the complexity of the background. On average from thumbnail to a finished page, each takes ~18 hours.

What’s your typical process?
First, I thumbnail out an entire scene. Then, I sketch out the individual page, ink it, then move on to flat colors. Next, usually backgrounds, then I finish up the characters.

Here’s the complete process of a couple panels from PG 42:

WIP-pg42-1 WIP-pg42-2

What font do you use for the dialogue?
It’s Unmasked BB from Blambot.

Where can I find the concept/WIP art for Oren’s Forge?
Eventually, up on this site, but for now, the best places are:
FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr